Real-time 3D Fractal Rendering in Unreal

Machina Fractals: Essense is an Unreal plugin available in the marketplace. 3D Fractals can now be created within Unreal and rendered in real-time. 

The plugin description states

More than 30 parameters for each fractal blueprint, including different transformation modes that can be combined plus an insane control over the color and emission, all following the fractal shape.

9 Levels in total with 9 different formulas, each one can be animated with the sequencer and tweaked to create the most mind-blowing environments or live visual performance, thanks to instance parameters you can easily tweak Fractal parameters in real-time, apply textures in different ways or input 3 color gradients directly.

The performance varies based on the fractal complexity and which parameter and mode are enabled but we’ve decided to keep all parameters in case you want to render out short films without caring about the FPS.

Note: Houdini Engine is required for this plugin. 

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