ActorCore AccuRIG – Free auto rigging tool

AccuRIG is Reallusion’s free tool for fast and accurate character rigging, aiming to reduce production effort for character artists in the industry. Simply import the static object into the scene, define the points based on the given reference and hit on rig. 

This application can be used on all types of humanoid characters. One of the features includes choosing the number of fingers based on the character model. Once you are done with the rig, you can also check the rig with some of the Preview motions which are available within the software. 

With the new 1.1 updates, features like symmetry can help in creating the rig even faster if the 3D model is symmetrical. 

Once the rig is finalized, it can be exported to any of the DCC programs that support FBX and USD formats like Reallusion’s iClone, Unreal Engine, Maya, Blender etc.

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  • Mohammad Khalikh

    Based in India. Khalikh is a Previs and Cinematic Designer with over 6 years of experience in the Indian Film Industry. His passion for films and animation led him to the city of dreams, Mumbai, and he found the world of filmmaking. He loves to share knowledge and he believes what J.M. Cornwell has rightly said "“Knowledge is wasted when it isn't shared.”

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